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Our passion is to apply the main trends in HR processes to provide companies with simple, integrated, flexible, and automated solutions in technology and outsourcing for the complete management of Payroll, Frequency Control, Occupational Health and Safety, as well as all the other processes inherent to Human Resources management.

Our solutions have global presence and apply Robotization and Artificial Intelligence concepts for process automation. Our Outsourcing services are recognized for their excellence, mainly for their service model that offers a specialized Multidisciplinary team focused on the client's results.

We are part of the Constellation Software group, a Canadian company that operates in the global technology market, a leader in the international market in several sectors.


Payroll Outsourcing

We perform the strategic outsourcing of the execution of payroll processes and personnel administration by CSA - Apdata Service Center, in the BPO or BSP modalities, with or without allocation of Apdata specialist at the customer's site.

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Complete HR Software

Our software GA - Global Antares has as main features flexibility, high technology and high performance. Provides simplicity, productivity, mobility, and automation in strategic human capital management. We offer customized solutions that meet your company's specific demands.

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Services that boost your HR

We offer a set of services for companies seeking to improve HR management, including the DoubleCheck solution, which automates the process of checking results of payroll processes, strategic HR consulting, training programs for users of our GA - Global Antares system.

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Why choose Apdata

Advantages why choose Apdata


Pioneer in delivering technology that applies artificial intelligence concepts for process automation.


By owning the software, the clients gain a lot in productivity and agility in the evolution of the technology.


Focused from the start on developing innovative solutions that help HR professionals in their processes.


The service models cater to various organizational strategies, from on-premises, to cloud services, to outsourcing.


Single-database, global, multi-legislation, multi-language, and multi-currency technology.


To add even more value, it offers several tools that boost business, such as Portal, Mobile, Double Check, Integration, and much more.


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Best HR Suppliers 2023

Apdata has been elected as the best provider of HR Solutions in 2023.

Top of the mind of HR

Winner of the 26th HR Top of Mind in the "Technology for HR Management" category.

Top of Mind RH

Winner of the 14th and 15th HR Top of Mind in the "Payroll Systems" category.

Reliable suppliers

Winner of "Reliable suppliers".

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Apdata service models bring a strategic approach with the world's best practices in human capital management, provide independence, simplicity, automation and mobility, ensuring that companies position themselves for the future, staying in the market in a highly competitive way.

Apdata values quality in all aspects of its services, from customer service to the continuous development of its solutions. Come meet Apdata services and find out the best solution!

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AIG succeeds in eSocial deliveries

"Apdata was ahead anticipating the requirements and advising us of all activities related to the accessory obligation. There was a concern of meeting the tight deadlines set by the government, however continuously looking for improved alternative techniques and procedures. This was all tested to confirm our understanding and ascertain that we meet the requirements of e-Social."

AIG succeeds in eSocial deliveries
Professional, Kitchens.

"The services provided by Apdata are highly flexible and perfectly fit all our needs, no matter how different and complex they may be. Another point to highlight is the importance that Apdata sees in disseminating information to its customers, which is reflected in high quality free lectures and informative e-mails sent to us periodically"

Professional, Kitchens.
Professional, CPQD

"We are very pleased with Apdata's support service. Their team attend us very carefully and information are sent to us full of rich details"

Professional, CPQD
Professional, FEI

"Apdata's support service is excellent, their teams are efficient and very quick to respond, which creates a differentiation in the delivery of services in such a complex area that includes the payroll management system and accessory modules"

Professional, FEI
Professional, AR Distribuidora.

"We have had a very close relationship with Apdata's operations team since the beginning of our contract. This strong relationship has created a great rapport between the companies, making the Payroll very precise and flexible"

Professional, AR Distribuidora.
Professional, Açotubo.

"I like the flexibility and automation that GA - Global Antares provides. We are implementing an integration with our Industrial ERP and the project is being a success. After the implementation is completed, the amount of manual work required will decrease significantly and we will gain much with regard to information security"

Professional, Açotubo.
Professional, Construcap.

"We are very pleased with the support provided by Apdata. Moreover, other points that should be highlighted are the GA flexibility and how it meets the demands of the construction industry"

Professional, Construcap.


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