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Relying on quality services that boost the Human Resources sector is fundamental to guarantee the company's success. An efficient HR management is able to enhance employee performance, improve internal communication, identify talents, and promote professional development actions. Therefore, investing in services that value human capital is a smart strategy that can bring excellent results for the business.

Strategic Consulting

It aligns the strategic vision of the Human Resources area with the company's objectives and provides better results in the execution of the area's routines

Apdata Consulting provides means for the companies to reach excellence in quality in the automation of the processes, aligning the HR actions with the needs of the other areas and their managers.

Get to know Apdata's HR strategic consulting:

Strategic Vision

The Apdata's Strategic Vision Consulting identifies how the area of People Management can help the other areas of the company to achieve their results and strategic positioning through the business objectives..

Strategic Vision Benefits:

  • Analysis of the internal view of HR among its hierarchical levels
  • Clearly signals the approach for achieving the expected result
  • Identifies the tangible benefits (quantitative and qualitative) of HR actions within the company

Process Mapping

The Apdata's Process Mapping Consulting identifies the best practices of processes in the area of Human Capital Management using the GA - Global Antares, aligned to the expectations of executives and business strategy of the company.

Process Mapping Benefitss

  • Identifying the main objective of HR processes
  • Strategic Results Orientation
  • Automation and optimization of activities
  • Elimination of rework

Training Programs

Apdata's training programs provide total operation condition of GA - Global Antares Solution, a very flexible product that, depending on the user's knowledge, will be possible that the organization performs the automation of internal activities, elimination of manual work and time optimization. These results can be perceived directly by all employees.

For more information about the available training programs, investments, agendas and others, please contact Apdata's Training team by e-mail capacitacao@apdata.com.br.

Double Check

Full conference, eliminates manual conference.

Apdata's Double Check guarantees the automation of the checking process of payroll calculation results, which provides a lot of productivity, agility and assertiveness.

The competitive advantages of using Double Check are many, here are some:

100% de

Unlike conventional methods, the conference will always be 100% of the configured processes

against fines

With the certainty that the processes are 100% checked, the risk of errors that generate penalties is drastically reduced

and Quality

The assertiveness and quality of the results are positively impacted, avoiding completions and returns

Support for

Many certification seals have secure double-checking processes as prerequisites

Speed and

As conferences occur automatically during the calculations, the time spent for this process can be dedicated to other strategic actions


Automation of the checking process of the payroll calculation results, which provides a lot of productivity, agility and assertiveness

Tool approved
by our CSA

The results of the double check are perceived and validated by Apdata's operation


The process automates an important task that generates a lot of operational effort, directing professionals to other activities

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