Streamline the processes with
Apdata's Payroll system

By means of a multi-legislation Software, with a unique system that meets local legislations and those of other countries, with just a few clicks you process the employees' payroll in a simple and objective way, generate customized reports, and decentralize the processes.

Saving time and effort to focus on developing and growing teams, improving employee experience, and scaling business results.


Facilitated Follow-up

Have access to the Payment Statement for every month and for all processes, for example, monthly 13th salary, PLR, among others.

The mobile can be made available to all employees in the company, view by himself or managers (view on his team).

Issue your employees'
payroll with a few clicks!

Ensure productivity, flexibility, and process automation
through an intuitive, secure, and complete system.

All this and more advantages!

In addition to the solutions mentioned, count on:


HR professionals, managers, and employees access the information easily via a portal and mobile application.


Our support services ensure an efficient, personalized, and close customer service experience.


Regardless of the modality chosen, your company gains cost reduction, besides reducing risks and time.


If your strategy is to hire our services in the cloud, our certified environment guarantees the tranquility your company needs.


We own the Global Antares software, an innovative technology that drives companies into the future.

Focus on the

Our services focus on organizational development, which always seeks to improve processes to ensure greater efficiency and results for companies.


Compliance with LGPD, information security, and local laws.

Automation (RPA)

Automate processes using virtual users, reducing costs and time for routine activities.

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At Apdata we take your security seriously.

Levamos suua segurança a sério

We keep your data and documents protected by an advanced encryption system. And more:

Single sign-on (SSO)

With our SSO (Single User Authentication) connection you no longer need to manage users and passwords.

Data Encryption

All information is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Security Firewall

All IP traffic is Firewall controlled (security policy applied to a certain point in the network) and accesses to our portal are controlled by Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Data Loss Prevention

To prevent data loss we use Data Loos Prevention (DLP) tools.

Continuous monitoring

The infrastructure is continuously monitored by an Event and Incident management (SIEM) and a Security Operations Center (SOC).

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